Mountains are large, grandiose natural structures rising from the terrain with beauty, strength, and dignity. Aspen trees are a community of individual trees connected as a single organism at the root level. In Colorado, we have both. At Mountain Aspen Running we seek to be both. A strong and beautiful community of runners and outdoors enthusiasts that love and enjoy our natural surroundings and are united by the root of connection, love, and enjoyment.

Mountain Aspen Running wants to be the connecting point for runners and outdoors enthusiasts of all ages and skill types. So share with us, won’t you, your stories. Stories of running, hiking, or life in general. Make us laugh, make us marvel, or make us cry. Let this be the gathering point for all people who run or use their feet in other ways to share who they are, where they’re from, and where they’re wanting to go. Simply share via blog, Facebook, or Instagram by commenting or tagging us.

We look forward to hearing of your journey as we share ours.

-Mountain Aspen Running